Springs EMT 928

Replacement of the rubber dampers

The subchassis of the EMT 928 rests swinging on 3 rubber dampers. These are mounted in height adjustable bowls. By the time the rubbers shrink and become hard. This may be equalised by the height adjustable bearings (subchassis and outer frame are on the same height), but the damping effect gets lost and sometimes the subchassis rests fix on the outer chassis.

Depending on the foundation that may sometimes play no major role. But it may also be disturbing, mainly caused by the reason, that the rubbers are not longer available.

For replacement I offer a special spring kit. If you are interested, don't hesitate for a request.

Put the unit on it's side. After turning out the bearing bowls, you get access to the rubbers, which may be glued to the upper chassis. If they are removed completely, bring the unit in the standard position again. Under certain circumstances it may be helpful to glue the upper rubber bearing to the spring, to avoid turning fo the spring, when mounting and turning the bearing bowl. The springs should be positioned in a way, that the subchassis is free to move in every direction. But in most cases it will not be possible, to have the distance on each side.

After all the subchassis should be in the same height as the outer chassis.

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