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The sands are running out. Not only for the drive wheels of EMT 927 and EMT 930, but also my engagement for EMT. Many years I was available for kind and pleasant people, but also for some impatient ones. In the first time with EMT, then with Barco and up to now self-employed.

With the beginning of 2024 I will start my well-earned retirement. I'm available for my grand children.

I intend to keep my website still alive for some time to support you with information. For questions regarding spare parts, service/repair and when occur malfunctions, please contact Mr. Roman Kroehling at He took over most of the spare parts and puts his heart and soul into the service of units from EMT and Studer. You will be in excellent hands.

I say "thank you very much" for many faithfully, satisfied and loyal customers. I had a very nice time.

With regards
Hans-Michael Fabritius

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