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Limit stop for EMT 948

As professional devices with normally "human partners" turntables from EMT had no limit stop, as it can be found at cosumer units. But also for the music lover it can be an advantage if he has not to watch his turntable coming to the lead out groove. With the fabtech limit stop in the most simple version the platter is stopped. By means of a small modification also the lift can be raised.

Detecting the lead out groove is made by means of an opto sensor. A light beam is interrupted by the arm for the bias weight. An electronic is generating the needed signals and is connected to the remote sockt at the rear of the machine. In case it is already in use the limit stop can be delivered with a second socket.

Installation and adjustment are really easy to do. A tool (a philips screw driver) is only necessary to fix the position after adjustment.

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